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Since around 1997 people have been shopping online, and the number of people has increased dramatically over the last few years. Shopping for clothing online, is now one of the most popular searches on the web. So why are so many people buying their clothing online? isn't it easier to just drive to the mall or local shopping center to buy your next clothing top or pair of skinny jeans? Well for the most part, it really is a matter of opinion, however, when you buy online, you have many more advantages versus going to a store. Below are some pros and cons that will let you know if buying clothing online, was made for you.


  • Most sites offer FREE shipping on orders over $50

  • Most sites wont charge you TAX on your order

  • Most sites offer FREE EXCHANGES (this means they pay shipping both ways)

  • You don't have to deal with crowds

  • You don't have to drive anywhere

  • You can find the exact item you are looking for, without driving all over town

  • You will find the absolute cheapest price on the item you want

  • You will find small companies that are only online that sell amazing styles

  • You can find older vintage clothing


  • You don't get your item instantly

  • You can't feel the material or see the exact color

  • You can't try the item on

  • When you exchange you have to wait a couple of days to receive your replacement

  • Some companies charge to ship you out your order, if the order is under $50


Like we said earlier, it really is a matter of opinion, some people love to go to the mall and shop, and that is great, as sometimes you have to get out of the house! but for overall shopping, you just get a much better deal when you shop for your clothing online.













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