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How to Buy Clothing Online


We know that there are many of you that know how to place an order online, but there are some people that have never bought online before and have no idea what to do. In this section, we will let you know the steps you need to take to place an online order without any problems.

Step 1: Once you have found the item you want, there will be a button on the items page that states "Add to Cart", click that button and it will add that item to your personal shopping cart. If you are ordering more than (1) item, do the same for the rest of the items and you will see them all on your shopping cart.

Step 2: Once your item(s) is in the shopping cart, their will be a button that says "Check Out", click on that item and it will take you to a page that will ask for your billing and shipping address, email address and the type of shipping that you want, and it should give you a subtotal of your order. After entering all the information that they ask you for, there should be a button that says "Continue".

Step 3: On the next page it will give you your total for the transaction and they will ask you for your credit card information and it should also have a summary of your order, your address, the items you ordered and the final total. After you fill in your credit card information, verify that all the information is correct and click "Place Order", this will take you to your confirmation page

Step 4: On your confirmation page it will give you all the details about your order and when you should expect delivery and how to contact the store for questions or problems. An email with all this information should have also been emailed to the email address that you provided.

That's it! you have placed your first online order for clothing! as you can see it's not as complicated as some people make it out to be. Happy shopping!



















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