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What is it about a pencil skirt that makes you look so elegant? Our answer is simple, because pencil skirts have a straight cut, give you a slim fit, and are usually available in classy colors, and of course, for about the last 100 years, classy and sophisticated women have been wearing them, that is how the pencil skirt got its reputation. Lets put something amazing together, think about colors, there is one color out there that can really make you stand out, were sure you figured the color red. Now put them together, and you get a red pencil skirt, talk about a fashion statement. Wearing a red pencil skirt can offer you a new dimension in style, it gives you class, makes you look chic, and best of all, gives you confidence. Everybody and their mom that wear pencil skirts, usually stick to muted colors, such as: black, charcoal, and espresso, these are all great colors, and they look fabulous on a pencil skirt, but that look has already been seen. If you can imagine yourself in a red pencil skirt, now we are talking about a trend setting hot mama. In this article, we will talk all about red pencil skirts, the different styles that are available, how to choose the best style for you, and best of all, how to wear your new red pencil skirt, and make you, the talk of the town.

When many women think of a pencil skirt, they think of a business woman, wearing a below the knee pencil skirt, that is probably black, and has thin pinstripes. This is a great analogy, however, in today‘s fashion world, pencil skirts have taken the world by storm, and there are now hundreds of different styles and colors to choose from, whether you want a pencil skirt for work, or you are looking for a pencil skirt to go out to dinner. When it comes to red pencil skirts, you will find many different styles to choose from. Within the red pencil skirt department, you fill find different shades of red, such as: plain red, burgundy red, terra cotta red, lipstick red, cardinal red, crimson red, and cherry red. Within all these colors you will find different lengths, such as: below the knee, knee length, above the knee, and the not so popular mini length pencil skirt. Now that you know the colors and lengths, next come the styles, the most popular you will find are: red pinstripe pencil skirts, solid red pencil skirts, plaid print red pencil skirts, solid red pencil skirts with a sheer overlay, red pencil skirts with chrome zippers, and red pencil skirts with sequins. Most of these styles have a covered hidden zipper on the back of the skirt, others will have it on the side, and all of them have either darting or seams, to give them that pencil skirt look.

Now that you know about the different styles of red pencil skirts, next comes choosing the right style and color for whatever occasion you will be wearing it for. We have talked about this before and will say it again, before you begin your search for any clothing, you have to have a purpose, you have to know why you are buying this item, and what you will be using it for, otherwise, you are just blowing your money away on clothing that will sit in your closet for years, and then you will give it away, brand new. Lets say you need a red pencil skirt for work, you could try a solid crimson red pencil skirt that is below the knee, and offers darting down the legs. This style of pencil skirt is classy and sexy, and perfect for professional affairs. If you are looking for a red pencil skirt to wear to either school, going shopping, or being with friends and family, you could try a above the knee red plaid print pencil skirt, that has a wide waist and seams down the leg. This style is more casual, but still offers a classy and sexy look, but with an attitude. Now lets say you are looking for a red pencil skirt for either going out to a nice dinner, or a night out in the town, you could try an above the knee solid lipstick red pencil skirt that has an overlay full of sequins. This styles is super sexy and trendy, and will take your fashhion to the next level.

Lets talk about what attire would look best with each of these three red pencil skirts we just talked about. If you decided that you needed the solid crimson red pen skirt that is below the knee, and offers darting down the legs, we would recommend you wear a solid ivory colored blouse tucked in, that has a ruffled neck, buttons down, and has ruffles on the sleeves, as for the shoes, you could try a pair of rounded toe black heels, to add an accent to your look. This outfit is perfect for work, and will give you that professional look you are looking for. If you decided on the above the knee red plaid print pencil skirt, that has a wide waist and seams down the leg, we would suggest a solid black thin knit V neck sweater, tucked in, a thin white belt, and a pair of cute black flats. This outfit is very casual, but offers you a classy and comfortable look, perfect for school, shopping, or hanging out. For our last example, if you decided on the above the knee solid lipstick red pencil skirt that has an overlay full of sequins, for the top you should wear a white short sleeve blouse, tucked in, that offers a scoop neck, and is slim fitting, and a pair of black stilettos. This look is super sexy and fashionable, and will make you the hottest girl or woman in town.

After learning about all the different styles and looks you can go for with a pencil skirt, we are sure that you know longer think pencil skirts are only for working women. Red pencil skirts are widely available, and can be found in most online clothing stores, with prices ranging from $10 to $100+. All pencil skirts have a slit on the back or the side, to make walking easier, as pencil skirts are very tight fitting, and hard to move around in. Remember to walk slowly and with class and grace. Remembering that pencil skirts are tight fitting, make sure you buy your exact size, because if you buy one size smaller, the skirt just wont look great and will be very uncomfortable on you.


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