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How to Wear a Tank Top


Whether you are new to the fashion world or just need to get some quick tips and ideas on how to wear a tank top, you have come to the right place. In this article we will talk about the different styles of tank tops, and what goes best with each different style. All fashion advice and tips that will be talked about are for teens, juniors, and women, of all shapes and sizes. Tank tops are worn all year round by many teens, juniors, and women. During the summer months, is when you will most likely see many people wearing tank tops, considering the heat outside, a tank top will give you a fashionable look and a refreshing feel. During the rest of the year, people wear tank tops to layer other tops over it, and to give their look a more fashionable style.

Lets get started with basic tank tops, you will find two styles of basic tank tops, ribbed tank tops and regular tank tops, both of which are available in regular cut straight hems. Colors available and most worn are usually: black, white, espresso, pink, and purple. So the question is, how do you wear basic tank top? And still look trendy, sexy, and confident? Lets say it’s summer time and you are wearing a pink basic tank top, your best choice for bottoms would be either a flowy white A-line skirt, a pair of cute black or white shorts, or a pair of light wash skinny jeans. For shoes we would recommend stilettos if you chose the skirt or the shorts, or a pair of flats if you chose the skinny jeans. In order for your look to not get too basic or boring, we would suggest a pair of earrings, a necklace, and bracelet, all matching. Try to stick to a color that blends well with the tank top, for a pink tank top we would suggest clear rhinestones with some brown stones.

Next up come tank tops that have more attitude, like a tank top with a stitched design on front, or a screen print that’s says “Paris“ on it. These types of tank tops seem like they are more fashionable, but they are also harder to put together with an outfit than a basic tank top. Usually colors on these type of tank tops are less basic, but have more personality, such as: Charcoal, Ivory, Deep Purple, Aqua, and Hot Pink. You will find everything from a stitched flower design, to a screen print, to rips with patches. So, how do wear this style of tank top? Lets say you bought a charcoal ribbed tank top, with red stitched hearts and an angel design on the bust, we would recommend wearing a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, with a pair of solid colored flats or solid colored stilettos. We would not suggest wearing to much jewelry that will take away from your tank top. If the weather is cooling off outside, you can still make this outfit work, just wear a solid colored black cardigan over it.

We have covered the two styles of tank tops, now we will talk about people that wear tank tops, to layer their outfit. What exactly is layering? Lets say you put on a black tank top, some jeans, and some flats, imagine now putting on an off the shoulder white top with a screen print. Can you imagine this look? The tank top will not be 100% visible, but sine the white screen print off the shoulder top is showing your shoulders, your tank top will be visible there, and it will give you a sexy and chic layered look. Another example of wearing a tank top for layering purposes is: A charcoal tank top, cute white shorts, and some brown stilettos, now you put on a single shoulder espresso top that has a simple rhinestone design. This look is super sexy and trendy, and will surely turn heads where ever you go.

As you can see, it is easy to wear a tank top, all you have to do is get some ideas and go from there. The secret to wearing tank tops is to make sure you buy your exact size, and stick to colors that best look on you. Also, try not to make your look to busy, the more basic your look, the better you will be off, don’t try to dress like someone your not, be yourself and dress with confidence. Now that you know how to wear a tank top, get out there and invest in some tank tops, and get your new look out there.


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