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Some people like wearing green colored clothing, others choose to stay away from it. Green is a great color, and can transform your look from boring to chic, sophisticated, and classy. The problem is that when people think of wearing something green, they either think of St. Patrick‘s day, or their high school lunch lady. Unfortunately, that is the wrong assumption. Wearing a green tank top for example, can give you a professional, trendy, or sexy look, you just have to pick the right style of green tanks, with the right occasion that you are using it for. Green is also a color that is available in many different shades, so don’t just think of bright green, you will find: hunter green, teal green, forest green, dark green, pale green, and grass green. Within all these colors, you will find hundreds of different styles and cuts, where surely at least a couple will look amazing on you. In this article we will talk all about green tanks, from the different styles of green tanks that are available, to how to choose the right green tank top for you, to wearing a green tank top, with style and personality, and making it a staple item in your wardrobe.

The word tank top seems very broad and basic, so when you start thinking about green tanks, don’t just think of a plain green tank top, with no design, and meant to either wear under another top, or to lounge around the house. Green tanks are available in an array of styles and shades, like: Green tanks with cinching, tunic green tanks, green tanks with stitched designs, green tanks with a screen print, green tanks with lace, and solid green tanks with a lace overlay. Within all these styles of green tanks, you will find different types of necklines, from the basic scoop neck, to a V neck, to a straight neck, and the ever so infamous, crew neck. Most green tanks that offer a stitched design on them, will usually have stitched designs of either birds, flowers, or some type of bohemian design. Green tanks with stitched designs are very chic, and usually look like they come from a boutique, as they just have that vibe. Other styles of green tanks can have the same effect, but it highly depends on the shade of green you choose, usually pale green and dark green are best.

Finding the perfect green tank top for you luckily wont be a challenge. For one, green is a color that goes great on everyone, no matter your skin color. You just have to find the styles and designs that best look on you, and represent your style. If you are a simple person, but are looking for a cute green tank top to wear to either school, work, or just hanging out with family and friends, we would recommend a teal green tunic tank top, with a simple stitched design, and a scoop neck. If you are looking more for a green tank that screams out fashion, and you are planning on wearing it to dinner, a movie, or some type of grand get together, we would suggest a dark green tank top with cinching on the sides, and maybe some type of small stitched design. Any top that offers cinching gives you a more fashionable look, plus cinching always makes your body slimmer, so for those of us that fell in love with the French fry, and never broke up with it, cinching is a must on all our clothing tops.

We have talked about the different styles of green tanks, and which ones to wear on different occasions, now lets focus on what else you should wear with each different style of green tank top. If you have chosen a dark green tank top with cinching and a stitched design, we would recommend either a pair of cargo khaki pants or a pair of medium wash skinny jeans, and for shoes we would recommend flats. If you chose a tunic styled green tank top, we would recommend either a cute pair of white or black shorts, and some sexy stilettos. For the working professional, we would recommend a pale green tank top, with some type of simple stitched design, a black pencil skirt, and some stilettos. With this look you can go to work, go to school, and even head out for a bite, and feel sexy, confident, and trendy at the same time.

With everything that we have talked about within green tanks, the most important thing is always to buy your exact size. We cant stress this enough, so many teens, juniors, and women buy smaller or bigger sizes than what they really are, that we are sure it’s a mental thing, but in the end, the top just does not look great on you, and that is what it‘s all about. Wearing a sexy and trendy green tank top can only look good, if you make it look good, and you can make it look good by buying your size. Green tanks are meant to be clingy, but not overly tight or loose. So when you are going shopping for your green tank top, remember that size does matter, and buying your true size, will not only make your green tank top look better, but it will make you more confident, sexy, classy.


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