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When someone thinks of a gold tank top, two things pop up on their mind. First one is that it’s a gold colored tank top, second one is, that the tank top is actually made of gold. In this article we will focusing on gold colored tank tops. Gold is a very rich and elegant color, and will give you a very classy and sophisticated look. People usually choose gold colored tank tops when they are dressing up for either work, a nice dinner, or a fancy date out on the town. Gold tank tops are worn by people that are looking for a trendy, yet upscale look, and you will find dozens of beautiful different styles when it comes to gold colored tank tops. If you can quickly think of a celebrity in the red carpet, and what they are wearing, you most likely thought of a famous actress, wearing a gold colored tank top with sequins. Gold tanks represent fashion at its best, and can make you look, well, like a celebrity. In this article we will be talking about the different styles of gold tank tops, how to choose the best gold tank top for you, and how to wear your gold tank top, with style, class, and make you look your best.  

Gold tank tops are available in mane different designs as stated before, you will find: Plain gold tank tops, gold tank tops with sequins, solid gold tank tops with a sparkly sheer overlays, tunic length gold tank tops, gold tank tops with lace on the hem and straps, and gold tank tops with ruffles. Within all these classy and sophisticated styles, you will find different types of necklines, such as: The scoop neck, V neck, straight neck, and crew neck. On most of the gold tank tops you will find, the scoop neck and V neck will be the most popular. There are also different types of bodices and hems, from an A-line bodice to an asymmetrical hem. Many of the gold tank tops that you will find will be made of either cotton, polyester, or rayon, depending on the style of the tank top. Usually, tank tops that offer sequins are made with rayon, and tank tops that have lace or ruffles are made with cotton. Prices on gold tank tops can start at around $10 and can go all the way up to $100+, depending where you buy your gold tank top.

Choosing the right gold tank top for you, mostly depends on the occasion you will be using it for. If you are looking to buy a gold tank top for everyday use, your best bet would be a plain ribbed gold tank top, with cinching on the sides, and maybe a simple sparkly design. This style of tank top can be worn anywhere from school, to work, to hanging out with friends and family. If you are looking for a gold tank top that gives you more fashion, we would recommend an ivory colored tank top, with a sheer overlay that is filled with gold sequins, this type of tank top usually has a flowy bodice, and can be worn everywhere from going to a nice dinner, to hanging out at a cocktail party. If you are looking for a gold tank top to use as a layering top, we would recommend a simple gold tank top, which would have ribbing on it, but no design. Since you will be placing another top over it to layer, why bother with getting any designs and spending the extra money.

Now that you know about the different styles of gold tank tops, next comes learning what to wear with each different style, so you can look your best. If you decided on the plain ribbed tank top with cinching on the sides with a simple sparkly design, we would suggest a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and a cute pair of gold colored stilettos. If you decided on the gold tank that offers gold sequins and has that sparkly look, we would suggest a pair of either black or white trouser cut boot cut pants, or a pair of medium wash skinny jeans, with both bottoms we would recommend a pair of cute stilettos to match. If layering your look is your thing, then we would recommend a basic gold colored tank top, a black off the shoulder top with a simple gold sequin design, a pair of light wash flared jeans, and a pair of cute flats to match. Within all these outfits, you could wear fashion jewelry, like earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, just make sure it’s not too much, and it doesn’t take away from your look. Jewelry is made to compliment your look, not take over it.

Wearing a gold tank top can mean a lot of different things to different people, but one thing we can all agree on is, wearing a gold tank top definitely gives you a fashionable and chic look, and can add much more color and style to your wardrobe. As you prepare yourself to purchase a gold tank top, remember to buy your exact size, as if you buy a smaller size or bigger size, it will take away from your look. Now that you have learned all about gold tank tops, from the different styles, to how to choose the perfect style, to how to wear it with fashion, start your search for the best gold tank top, and wear it with class and pride.


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