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When we think of fashion, we think of colorful designed tops, stitched jeans, and sexy stilettos. This sounds like a great outfit, but what ever happened to wearing simply clothes? Such as a black tank top? Many people feel that by wearing basic colored clothing, they will look unfashionable and boring. Seems like a good judgment, but unfortunately it’s wrong. First of all, who said wearing a black tank top was boring? We will tell you who, it was the marketing directors at all the major clothing stores, wanting you to buy the next trend, so they can profit more on you. You can wear a basic black tank top with style, fashion, and best of all, wear it because you want to wear it. In this article about black tanks we will let you know the different styles of black tank tops, how to wear them, and best of all, how to make your black tank top shine and look trendy, for a fraction of the price of buying a trendy and colorful top.

Lets begin with the different styles of black tank tops. We will be focusing on the basic ribbed black tank top, but you will find black tank tops with stitched designs, black tank tops with asymmetrical hems, and black tank tops with screen prints. Choosing the right style of black tank top for your body and style is key. If you are more interested in wearing a basic black ribbed tank top, you can do it, and with plenty of style and personality. The other types of black tank tops are more fashion forward and really don’t need much to look great. The one thing we would recommend is for you basic black tank top to have ribbing, most of them are ribbed, but you might find a couple that are not, if you choose a black tank top without ribbing, that is fine. Basic black tank tops can be found for as little as $8, and are widely available in every clothing store.

You will find that most black tank tops have a scooped neck, but there are some black tank tops that have a V neck, as well as cowl necks, crew necks, and even turtle necks. As stated before, most basic black tank tops have a scooped neckline, as it offers the original neckline of a tank top. When it comes to tank top styles, you will find halter tank tops, cami tank tops, and even the infamous wife beater tank top. All are considered part of the tank top family, but the only original tank top is the basic ribbed tank top with a scoop neck, basic shoulder straps, and a straight cut hemline.

Now that you know a little about black tanks tops, the questions is, how to wear you basic black tank top and look great. The first and most important thing about wearing a black tank top (Or any other item of clothing for that fact) is to make sure you buy your exact size. Black tank tops do not look good when they are loose, the tighter the better, but not to tight. The good thing about wearing black is that it makes you look slimmer, so make sure to buy your exact size. The second most important thing is to make sure you buy a good quality black tank top, usually the best quality black tank tops are made with 100% cotton. These types of black tanks tops cost more, but will also last you a much longer time than black tank tops that are made with polyester, but if you are in a budget, go for the polyester, it will still get its job done.

Now that you have your perfect fitting basic black tank top, here comes the fun part, which is dressing yourself up and making your look trendy, chic, and best of all, confident. This outfit we will recommend will surely take your black tank top to the next level of “basic and boring tank tops“. Put on your basic black tank top, put on a pair of medium wash skinny jeans, grab some cute flats with a leopard print, and wear a simple necklace and a pair of earrings that have turquoise on them, and your ready to head out. This is a very simple outfit, but screams out fashion, trendy, chic, and sexy. As you can see, you can wear a basic black tank top and make it look great, so get out there and start wearing what you want to wear, not what the fashion critics say not to wear.


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