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As we have discussed in the past, our favorite type of bottoms to wear are definitely denim jeans, as cute as skirts, dress pants, gauchos, capris, and shorts are, we just prefer to wear denim jeans. The thing is, since so many of us are now wearing denim jeans as our go-to bottom, everyone is kind of starting to look like each other. This is when you have to change something about your style. Have you ever thought about buying a pair of black denim jeans? Do you think that black denim jeans are just way too 1980’s and not fashionable? Think again, black denim jeans are the answer to those of us that love wearing denim jeans, but want a different look and style. In today’s fashion world, you can find some super sexy and trendy black denim jeans in an array of styles, shades, and cuts, and if you dress yourself with the proper attire, you can transform your look into a chic and sophisticated style. When you think of black denim jeans, don’t just think of a black denim jean that has a faded black color on it with a tapered hem, open your mind to fashion, and realize that there is much more to a pair of black denim jeans than just another boring jean. In this article we will talk all about black denim jeans, from the different styles that are available, to how to choose the perfect pair, to getting some fashion advice and tips on how to wear your black denim jeans, and give yourself a sexy, trendy, and classy look.

Just like all other colors of denim jeans, when you choose a pair of black denim jeans, you will find all the best shades, such as: dark black, light black, ebony, medium black, and even faded black, but in a good way. When it comes to hems, you will find hems such as: flared hem, skinny hem, boot cut hem, and tapered hem, again in a good way. As for the waist lines, all the popular styles are also available, like: natural waist, low rise waist, ultra low rise waist, and high waist. Like we stated before, not all black jeans are faded black, so you will find different washes, such as: dark wash, light wash, medium black wash, whisker wash, sandblasted wash, vintage wash, and acid wash. Now that we know our options, lets talk about the different styles that are being made. When it comes to black denim jeans, you will find: black denim jeans with a 5 pocket cut, black denim jeans with stitched back pockets, black denim jeans with holes, black denim jeans with stitched designs on the legs, and trouser cut black denim jeans. As you can see, there is huge assortment of styles when it comes to black denim jeans, and to make sure you get a good quality pair, make sure they are made with at least 94% cotton, with the remaining fabric consisting of either elastic or spandex, so your jeans has some stretch on it.

The best part about shopping for clothing, is choosing what you want. Now we will talk about how to choose a style of black denim jean, and the best occasions to wear them. Lets say you are looking for a pair of black denim jeans to use for casual things, such as school, shopping, or just hanging out, we would recommend a pair of low rise 5 pocket whisker wash boot cut black denim jeans. This type of jean is simple yet sexy, and can pretty much work with any style top. Now lets say you where looking for a pair of black denim jeans to go to a fancy dinner and then head out dancing, we would suggest a pair of low rise vintage wash black denim skinny jeans. Just in case you didn’t know, vintage wash is a wash that gives your jean sort of a worn look, it is chic and stylish, and can transform your black denim jean into a boutique styled jean. For our last example, lets say you where looking for a pair of black denim jeans to wear to say work, we would hint on a pair of high waist medium black wash skinny jeans. This style of jean is chic and sophisticated, and can give you that professional look you are going for.

Now that you have decided on what style of black denim jean you want, we will give you some fashion advice on each of the three jeans we just talked about, on what else to wear with them to look and feel great. If you chose the low rise 5 pocket whisker wash boot cut black denim jeans, we would recommend wearing a sky blue ruffled halter top with a thin white cardigan over it, and a pair of cute flats. This look is easy going, yet classy, trendy, and perfect for school, shopping, or hanging out with friends. If you decided on the low rise vintage wash black denim skinny jeans, we would suggest you wear a plain pink tank top with a single shoulder rhinestone screen print ivory colored top over it, and a pair of sexy black stilettos. This look is not only sexy and trendy, but it has class and will make you shine like there is no tomorrow. On our last example, if you chose the high waist medium black wash skinny jeans, we would suggest a teal colored button down ¾ length sleeved blouse, a white thin belt on the waist, and a pair of rounded toe heels. This look is very professional, but at the same time very sexy, classy, and chic, perfect for all you office working ladies.

Now ask yourself again if you think that black denim jeans are totally 1980‘s and boring. Whenever you look into something new in the fashion world, you will discover a land of new styles and different looks. Key fact to remember when buying a pair of black denim jeans, make sure to buy your size, and that your jean has at least 4% spandex or elastic, these are the two main reasons why women cant fit into their jeans. Buy your exact size, not smaller or bigger, and check the fabric tags. When you begin your search for that perfect pair of black denim jean, prices will vary widely, but rest assured that you can find a good pair of quality black denim jeans starting at around $15, and can go as high as $200+ if you are looking for major brands, such as: 7 for all man kind, citizens of humanity, or true religion.


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