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It seems that once summer is gone and we are mid-way into fall, everybody is wearing argyle sweaters. What is it about the argyle sweater that makes almost everyone wear one during the cooler months? Understandably, people wear argyle sweaters because they keep you warm, but something tells us that is not the main reason why people pick an argyle sweater, people choose argyle sweaters because of the beautiful design they offer. The argyle print itself is just beautiful to look at, and gives you a classy and sophisticated look. Argyle sweaters have been popular for many years, in the 1950’s they where extremely popular, but that trend faded out a bit, today clothing manufacturers are make some of the best argyle sweaters we have ever seen. You will find all types of argyle sweaters, from screen printed argyle sweaters, to stitched argyle sweaters, to argyle vest, and argyle cardigans, in all sorts of different colors, styles, and price levels. In this clothing article about argyle sweaters, we will talk about the different types of argyle sweaters out there, and what to wear with your next argyle sweater.

There are three main types of argyle sweaters (when it comes to the actual argyle print and cut). The first type of argyle sweater is the screen print argyle sweater. This type of sweater offers the argyle design, but it’s not stitched on, it’s printed on the sweater. Usually argyle sweaters that are screen printed are much lower in price and are available in an array of colors and styles, from a sweater, to a vest, to a cardigan. The main problem some people have with screen printed argyle sweaters, is that they feel that after a couple of washes, the argyle print itself will begin to fade. It sounds like a good judgment, but if you wash your screen printed argyle sweater just as the washing directions say, you wont run into that problem. If you are shopping for a screen printed argyle sweater, try to buy an argyle sweater with soft and muted colors, such as: A black sweater with white and grey argyle print, an espresso sweater with yellow and cream argyle print, or a cream sweater with charcoal and red argyle print. All three of these colored argyle print sweaters are widely available and usually start around $10 per argyle sweater.

The second type of argyle sweater is the stitched argyle print sweater. These type of argyle sweaters are the most popular, as they give you a more layered and classy look. Stitched argyle print sweaters are also the most popular because of there durability, if you take basic care of them, they will always look great and last. When you buy an argyle sweater that has an argyle stitched design, you will find hundreds of different colors and styles, we recommend: An espresso colored sweater, with a cream and orange argyle stitched print, a white colored sweater, with turquoise and mocha argyle stitched print, and a blue colored sweater, with a black and white argyle stitched print. All three of these color combinations are widely available, and you can find stitched designed argyle sweaters for as little as $20.

The last type of argyle sweater we will be talking about is the argyle vest. You can find argyle vest with either an argyle screen print, or the argyle print stitched on. The argyle vest is very popular and is usually worn more year round than argyle sweaters. An argyle vest goes great when placed over a short or long sleeve button down top, and can give you a classy and sophisticated look that is good for either work, school, or going out. Argyle vest are available in several colors and can be made with many different fabrics, such as: polyester, cotton, rayon, or wool. The secret to pulling off an argyle vest is to make sure you buy your exact size, they don’t look good when they are too lose, and the look even worst if they are too tight, you can feel your love handles ready to explode! An argyle vest can sometimes have buttons down the middle, to give it a more cardigan look. You can usually find a cute and trendy argyle vest starting at around $12.

Once you have decided on what type of argyle sweater you want to buy, your next thing is to find out what to wear with your argyle sweater or argyle vest, so you can look your best and make your argyle sweater or argyle vest stand out. The first step will be your bottoms, if you chose an argyle sweater and not an argyle vest, your best bet will be to wear dressy pants, jeans just don’t look good with argyle sweaters. We would recommend basic colored dress pants with trouser cut pockets and a boot cut hem. As for shoes, men need to stick to comfortable dress shoes that either match the argyle sweater or their pants, as for women, you have more choices, either wear a pair of flats that match the argyle sweater or a pair of cute stilettos to match your outfit. If you chose the argyle vest, we recommend you wear a button down top underneath your argyle vest, and for the bottoms and shoes, just do exactly as we stated for the argyle sweater.


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